Unique bracelet with buddha hematite, amethyst, tourmaline, moon stone and garnet made on a jewellery line and gold - plated silver 925 (24k).

Length: 19 - 22cm


Crystals are magical objects that support the healing process at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Always carry them with you as jewellery or in a pocket!


                                      Properties of minerals


Hematite - a stone of warriors, symbolizes strength, courage and tenacity. Hematite, due to its connection with blood, adds vitality and physical strength. It introduces energy balance to the human body by taking away its excess or adding it - when it is lacking.


Amethyst - is called the "stone of harmony and relaxation". It restores balance to people prone to stress, brings peace and liberation of the mind from negative thoughts. It helps you deal with your emotions, adds patience, relieves you from everyday fatigue and problems, which in turn allows you to sleep well and sound at night after a hard day.


Tourmaline - wealth, friendship, love, and at the same time balance, harmony and grounding. The most desirable and sought after among this group of minerals is black tourmaline. It is a mineral that is perfect to keep at home, in the garden and carry it with you. It protects us from negative energies, whether they come from other people or the environment. In the crystal healing art, black tourmaline is one of the most popular cleansing stones that connects us to the Earth. It acts as a protective shield for our energy system and psyche. It protects us from energy vampires, relieves stress. It improves mood, has a positive effect on vitality and emotional stability. It brings clarity of thinking and rationality in taking actions. Tourmalines are recommended for people from all zodiac signs.This stone is classified as sunstones, so it attracts friendship and inspiration and all other good energies.


Moonstone - is one of the most unusual minerals. It will charm you with its unusual "unearthly" glow - it emits a lunar glow (this phenomenon is called adularescence). It is a stone of inner growth and strength. It relieves emotional instability and stress, stabilizes emotions and provides peace.


Garnet -  is a stone you should have if you want to achieve or regain balance, if you want to feel safe and want to use your inner strength. Is a stone recommended for people who find it especially difficult to make changes in their lives for fear of the unknown. Garnet will help you overcome the fears of taking risks and the challenges that stand behind following your dreams.

Bracelet with turmaline, amethyst and hematite

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  • All jewellery is made by my heands with great care and joy. I use high quality materials like silver 925 and golden plate silver with 18 and 24k of gold. I search for rare minerals all over the world and try to create very unique jewellery with them. 



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