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Unique earrings with kyanite  made on stainless steal.



Crystals are magical objects that support the healing process at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Always carry them with you as jewellery or in a pocket!


                                      Properties of minerals


Kyanite - is a "stone of diplomacy". Perfect for people who, in their professional life, deal with negotiating the terms of cooperation, project presentations, meetings with high-ranking representatives of various institutions and all situations in which the following are essential: broad knowledge, eloquence, the power of persuasion and the ability to charm "listeners" with their person or original design idea. The most important thing in diplomacy are clearly defined rules and pure relationships. No one can dominate, exalt or humiliate the other side. They are all equal partners. Diplomacy is also useful in our everyday life - being a "diplomatic" person, it is easier for us to deal with everyday matters in shops, offices or with customer service representatives of various companies.

Earrings with kyanite

SKU: K60
  • All jewelry is made by me with great care and joy. I use high quality materials such as 925 sterling silver and 18 and 24k gold plated silver. I am looking for rare minerals all over the world and I try to create unique jewelry from them.



    If you need any modification, e.g. change the earring clasp, let me know in the order comment.


    If you care about the good condition of your jewelry, I recommened taking it off while bathing, cleaning and sleeping. :)

    More information on taking care of your jewelry you can find in the How to care section.

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