Earrings made with gold plated silver 925 turmaline and mountain crystal.


Crystals are magical objects that support the healing process at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Always carry them with you as jewellery or in a pocket!


                                      Properties of minerals


Mountain Crystal - is a stone with the strongest cleansing effect - both for the body, mind and rooms. It is because of this property that he is called the "king of crystals", or "neutralizer". The Mountain Crystal is also a kind of "energy amplifier" that works like a battery. It enables the implementation of plans, increasing our ability to implement them. It enables personal development by transforming negative energy into positive energy (both external energy - indoors and that coming from other people).


Tourmaline - wealth, friendship, love, and at the same time balance, harmony and grounding. This stone is classified as sunstones, so it attracts friendship and inspiration and all other good energies.

Earrings with mountain crystal and tourmaline

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