Necklace length: 50 cm

Chain length: 40-45 cm

Stones: Lapis lazuli, Herkimer diamond, Hematite, Synthetic Saphire.

Metals: Stainless steel, Silver 925.


Wake up the Goddess! Wake up that power!


The Goddess Necklace, right next to the Body Chains, is a wonderful tool for awakening our inner Goddesses - female powers:

- those from the underworld of our body and soul
- those showing our inner strength and potential
- those showing our personal meaning and purpose
- those that will allow us to speak out loud about what is important to us
- those that say who we are


The Goddess necklace contains an ancient system of a protective necklace called "shield":


1. The main stone on the larger circle - preferably Kyanit, because its properties unlock the throat chakra so that we can speak and express ourselves, and also motivate us to go deeper into ourselves and discover our inner treasures.

2. The second stone on the smaller circle - preferably the Herkimer Diamond, has extraordinary spiritual and auric vibrations, harmonizes, binds and heals.

3. Small stones on the side joints - I choose them depending on the moment you are at and the properties that will best support your current process.

4. The motif of the circle contains the symbolism of the whole and the infinity; it is a symbol of God, law, eternity, perfection, balance and harmony.


The Goddess necklace in this edition is my favorite, but I have already created a lot of necklaces with Your versions, very personal and I encourage You to do so because the necklace is to protect and support Your processes.

Your intuition knows best, just trust it


May the power of the Goddess be with you!

Goddess necklace No.3

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  • All jewelry is made by me with great care and joy. I am looking for rare minerals all over the world and I try to create unique jewelry with them.

    After years of trying and testing various metals, I decided to narrow down the creation of my chains mainly on stainless steel, which I consider to be the most durable and safest metal available on the market. It works great in gold and also in difficult living conditions: an active lifestyle, exposure to strokes or deformations. However, if you prefer silver 925, its 14k gold plating or gold 585, write me a message and I will quote such a project and make it for you.

    If you care about the good condition of your jewelry, I recommened taking it off while bathing, cleaning and sleeping and keep in a closed box away from other metals