Unique hand chain with freshwater pearl and tourmaline parts made on gold - plated silver 24k. Please write your wrist size in the comment.


Crystals are magical objects that support the healing process at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Always carry them with you as jewellery or in a pocket!


                                      Properties of minerals


Pearl - due to their organic origin, pearls balance the rhythm of our life and the hormonal balance with the cycles of the Moon. Stabilization of metabolism, water-lipid balance, cleansing the body of toxins and cell renewal. Pearls should be an addition to the everyday outfit, especially of those women whose monthly cycles are irregular, and whose female ailments hinder normal functioning. They are recommended for women who have difficulty getting pregnant, as well as for pregnant or menopausal women. They help, figuratively speaking, to "be reborn" or "shed the old skin of the serpent", that is, to close a certain chapter and start a new stage in life. Additionally, they deepen self-esteem, self-acceptance, and add attractiveness and femininity. We can just like ourselves, feel beautiful and actually be perceived by others that way.


Tourmaline - wealth, friendship, love, and at the same time balance, harmony and grounding. The most desirable and sought after among this group of minerals is black tourmaline. It is a mineral that is perfect to keep at home, in the garden and carry it with you. It protects us from negative energies, whether they come from other people or the environment. In the crystal healing art, black tourmaline is one of the most popular cleansing stones that connects us to the Earth. It acts as a protective shield for our energy system and psyche. It protects us from energy vampires, relieves stress. It improves mood, has a positive effect on vitality and emotional stability. It brings clarity of thinking and rationality in taking actions. Tourmalines are recommended for people from all zodiac signs.This stone is classified as sunstones, so it attracts friendship and inspiration and all other good energies.

Hand chain with pearl and tourmaline

  • All jewelry is made by me with great care and joy. I use high quality materials such as 925 sterling silver and 18 and 24k gold plated silver. I am looking for rare minerals all over the world and I try to create unique jewelry from them.



    If you need any modification, e.g. change the chain length, let me know in the order comment.


    If you care about the good condition of your jewelry, I recommened taking it off while bathing, cleaning and sleeping. :)

    More information on taking care of your jewelry you can find in the How to care section.