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Hi. My name is Aleksandra.

I am fascinated by the power of crystals, their beauty and mystery. I feel the magic in how they attract us, then fill us with good energy and open us to new ones.

I create jewelry with minerals to enjoy their closeness and positive influence.

I find true beauty in nature, I am inspired by it and I try to transfer its beauty and freshness to my works.


The meaning of this powerful round labyrinth symbol is very important to me and used to be for a lot of women. It is a tool of secret feminine tradition and wisdom of transformation and empowerment.

I feel a deep connection with that simbol and believe that the act of creation is as well very helpful with discovering our essence.

I see Yene Mar as my way to grow, express myself. I'm always working on new ideas, searching an inspiration in more exotic places and hope to surprise you with new products in the future as well.



Traveling is a fascinating way for me to discover myself and the world. I try to bring something unique from every place, some knowledge, object or memory.

During my stay in Ethiopia I was very inspired by Ethiopians and their traditional art of weaving ornaments, dishes and clothes.

"Yene Mar" in Amharic (the leading ethnic group in Ethiopia) means "my honey". I fell in love with this catalog. I felt my love that in each of us there is this "honey" of creation, which makes us happy, develops and shows our uniqueness.

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