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Are you looking for unique jewelry?

Handmade, personalized and prepared with attention to every detail? Are you looking for minerals that will support your process and self development?

This place is perfect for you :)

Individual approach....

I treat individual orders very personally. I'm always very happy with them!

Because of a few reasons.

One of them is that thanks to you I can be part of the process of creating your dream amulet, Goddess necklace or simply setting your beloved stone.

Another reason is that our meetings are incredibly inspiring!

You often give me a new, fresh look at what I do and how I do it.

You leave your "creative footprint" and thus become a part of Yene Mar and how it is shaped. ​


And I am grateful for that.

Stages of Cooperation

My experience has brought me here, where there is order in the space of cooperation. Today I know that clear rules and specified opportunities will allow us to work with ease and enjoy a creative meeting.

A sense of security and trust is crucial, especially if we look for conversations about desires, needs and hardships... and such conversations require intimacy.

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Stage 1

We start with a conversation, feeling your needs and preferences, gathering ideas. If you feel like it, I will intuitively ask you a few supporting questions to choose the stones that will be the most supportive for you at the current stage of life. We can also match minerals to your date of birth. Usually, from such conversations, wonderfully selected amulets emerge, which you do not want to take off!

Stage 2

Together we arrange a "sketch" of jewelry - what and where should be, we specify colors, sizes and lengths. We agree on the final price and ask for payment in full. After obtaining your approval and confirmation of payment, I begin to translate ideas into real matter. At this stage, please try not to interfere with my work. Of course, if you need to change a clasp or a small detail, it will not be a problem.

Stage 3

As soon as a serious part of the project is born, I try to send a photo for inspection, we are in constant contact. When the project is ready, I send the photos again, pack and send. Let it wear wonderfully and support you in the process!



The lead time for an individual order is usually about 10-15 business days, sometimes shorter.


Individual orders are governed by their 'individual' rights, however, they are not returnable.

From the moment of payment and commencement of work, it is not possible to withdraw from the contract.


Possible gifts and discounts or free delivery are granted individually, depending on the amount of the order when discussing the details of the order.

Rozpakowywanie pudełka na prezent


 If you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one - with a properly selected mineral, with reference to the name, or maybe the sign of the zodiac or plants... There are many possibilities! I will help you choose and send a gift directly to someone you want to give.

In addition, I will beautifully pack the gift in an elegant box and attach a commemorative card or I can add handwritten wishes or warm words for your loved ones. Please  add to your basket product "Gift packaging" or "Whishes card".


If you want to send me a photo of yourself wearing Yene Mar jewelry, I will be delighted!

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Describe your idea...

Thanks for submitting!

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