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Body chains are Goddesse's Talismans to empower your body, spirit and mind. Their task is to awaken your inner Goddess and accompany her in the process of growth and enlightenment. Crafted for flexibility & strength, our body chains can be worn comfortably during danceing, stretching or any of life's activities.


There are different kinds of chains: on the waist, on the hand, on the foot, on the body or as a necklace - try one of them and see if it can fit to other parts of your body.




Crystals are magical objects that support the healing process at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Always carry them with you as jewellery or in a pocket!


                                      Properties of minerals


Pyrite - this stone is called the stone of independence. His energy triggers in us the need to make bold independent decisions, prompts us to change in life, often very revolutionary. Staying in its vibrational field, we become more independent and do not expect help from other people.

Pyrite has the ability to balance the female and male energy in our body. When we have more of these aspects in our nature, the pyrite energy will equalize it.

The energy of pyrite awakens in us the desire to implement new plans, resolutions and at the same time gives us the energy needed to implement them.Suddenly, it is easy to set ourselves new goals that until now were considered impossible to achieve. And surprisingly, we can easily implement them. Nothing is impossible for us, and we surprise ourselves and our loved ones with creativity.

Pyrite stimulates creativity in people involved in artistic fields - sculpture, architecture, painting, graphics, but also science. It is perfect for students as it increases concentration, improves memory, and facilitates analysis and logical thinking.

Chain 3 in 1 with pyrite

  • All jewelry is made by me with great care and joy. I am looking for rare minerals all over the world and I try to create unique jewelry with them.

    After years of trying and testing various metals, I decided to narrow down the creation of my chains mainly on stainless steel, which I consider to be the most durable and safest metal available on the market. It works great in gold and also in difficult living conditions: an active lifestyle, exposure to strokes or deformations. However, if you prefer silver 925, its 14k gold plating or gold 585, write me a message and I will quote such a project and make it for you.

    If you care about the good condition of your jewelry, I recommened taking it off while bathing, cleaning and sleeping and keep in a closed box away from other metals



    S - corresponds to 32 – 43 cm

    M - corresponds to 38 –  48cm

    L - corresponds to 43 – 52 cm

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